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Beginner Triathlete training – Tips for the Triathlete

May 16, 2013

Embarking into a life of training for a triathlon can be a bit daunting. So, as a beginner triathlete starting out with your training you might want some helpful tips, right? Well, here are a few to get you started!


1. Keep it short. Keep it local. If you were going to start off learning how to dive you wouldn’t go take your first dive on an olympic diving board, right? Therefore, don’t over do it. Keep it simple, short and don’t go out of your way to start out when your local neighborhood is just fine.

2. Practice. One thing that might not come up in your training is the transition point. This is where you have your gear set up for the next round. Sure you train your body to go through a triathlon but where you might trip up is where you set up for the next round.  So practice this action to help you in your triathlon.

3. Don’t get caught up in a boring training routine! Sure, make a training routine, but make sure it’s one you can enjoy. If you want to run, run. If you aren’t feeling a swim today, go for a ride on your bike. Get a good mix of routine in and don’t bore yourself with ‘bike, run, swim. Bike, run, swim. Bike, run, swim’. It get’s boring and boring gets discouraging.

4. Talk it up! That’s right – Talk. The more you go out there and talk to experienced triathletes the better. They have tips and tricks and motivations galore! You might even get a training friend out of it too!


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